FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Corbett Sports

Grange Road, Rhyl

The Corbett Sports Stadium, formerly known as Belle Vue, has hosted football since 1900.

The ground has seen extensive developments over the last 15 years as the number of seated areas has increased to meet the needs of hosting European football.

The Don Spendlove stand, where the players tunnel is has grown significantly in the last 10 years. The central section of the stand which hosts approximately 200 was previously the only seated part of the ground. In the early 2000's, additional seating was provided to both sides of the stand and eventually this has led to the entire length of the pitch with seated accommodation. This includes a canteen bar and a media section.

To the right of the main stand is the Coronation Gardens (or Corrers) end. Previously this was a small terraced area with cover only to the centre of the goal. The facilities were extended when Rhyl qualified for Europe with three rows of covered seating running the width of the pitch.

Opposite the main stand is the George James stand named after a Groundsman who tended to the hallowed Belle Vue turf. In the mid 1980's new terracing was installed and at the end of the 1990's three rows of seats were installed and the length of the cover was increased to provide more seating. In recent years additional uncovered seating was provided closer to the Coronation Gardens end.

Behind the other goal is the Grange Road end or Kop end of the ground as it was formerly known. Rhyl have always traditionally attacked this end in the second half of matches. Up to the mid 1980's this was a large terrace area which could accomodate approximately 1000 supporters. However concerns over the terrace led to barriers being installed about a third up and the capacity reduced. In the 2000's this area of the ground was developed with the NWPS suite and what is now known as the Legends Lounge. In front of the Legends Lounge is a mixture of terracing and seats behind the goal. A large canteen is also located at this end of the ground.