FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Ground sharing

Any club proposing ground sharing arrangements for matches in the next season in the Pyramid Tiers 1–4 must provide written confirmation by 1st April through their Directly Affiliated League or Area Association. This arrangement must satisfy the higher league and must be for a minimum of one season.
Any club entering into a ground sharing arrangement for one season and being promoted on this basis, will automatically be relegated after one season if they are unable to continue the arrangement and are unable to confirm their facilities for the following season by 1st April.
Time shall be of the essence in respect of all deadlines in this sub-clause of the Regulations.
Clubs who wish to ground share in the Huws Gray Alliance MUST sign the ground share document provided by the league. Ground sharing will be not be permitted if the document has not been signed by ALL relative parties