Buckley Town have honoured the loyalty of their two longest serving members

With one hundred and eight years’ service between them Buckley have rewarded Jeff Bradshaw and Mike Williams, they have finally been recognised for their commitment and loyalty to the BTFC club during the last five decades by having the club's main pavilion named after them.

It has been more than fifty years since the two men first played for the club before they continued their association by volunteering their services becoming valued and active committee members.

Jeff Bradshaw, currently President of BTFC, has been with the club for fifty-two years and Mike Williams, who started as their goalkeeper and is now the club's match Secretary has given fifty-six years of service to the club.

"We discussed various ways of acknowledging their association and long unstinting years of volunteering at the club and in the end felt that it would be most suitable to acknowledge their support by naming the main building in their honour," said the chairman Allan Botterell.

He continued, "They have never sought any reward for their work at the club over the years and we felt that recognition for their service was long overdue. In this day and age where it is so difficult to attract young volunteers they are a shining example of being unsung heroes. From ground maintenance to cleaning the facilities during the close season and then manning the gate and running match days during league competitions they have ensured the continuation of the club. Without these two the club would have folded many years ago."