Ruthin Town have announcee that they have received the funding from the FAW to allow them to build the new stand and complete the necessary work to comply with the Tier 2 ground regulation for next season.

 They also raised the necessary 25% which the club needed to raise in order to qualify for the funding. A Ruthin spokesman said "A big well done to Andy Edwards who has co-ordinated all of this and done all of the application work which was a massive piece of work".

The club aso thanked everyone who has donated money towards this project and a big thank you should also go to Jones Bros who have sponsored the stand over the next 5 years to the tune of £10,000.

There is no doubt that in today’s football world it is not just about players and managers. The team behind the scene also plays a big part in keeping this football club in the Huws Gray Alliance
Building will go ahead as soon as we receive the necessary planning permission.