FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019


What is happening?

The FAW is implementing a new Football Management System which will be used by all areas of Welsh football.

The new COMET System was created in 2004 and is currently used by 41 of FIFA’s 211 Member Associations.

The new integrated Football Management System, COMET,is an online-based application system that aggregates all the key processes, data and transactions that take place within

Welsh football. This connected system of processes will include,but is not limited to; registration, discipline, match officials, match fixtures and match results.

The integrated system will be used by the National teamsthrough to grassroots football, to ensure that all the information and processes on the system are correct and timely.


The new system will be implemented over the next two seasons with all player registrations being processed via COMET from the start of the 2019/20 season. The current (FSI) registrationsystem will cease to be used at the end of the current season.

Why are we changing the current system?

The current systems and processes are no longer fit-for-purpose and place a significant burden on clubs, leagues and match officials.

Here’s an impressive starting XI of some of the COMET System’s benefits:

—There will be no charge to a club, league or match official to use the COMET System

—The system can be used anywhere and at any time

— it is smartphone and tablet friendly

—It will significantly reduce the administration burden for clubs, leagues and match officials

—All payments will be centralised and processed online

—no need to send cheques in the post

—Simplified and real-time communication with players and match officials (e.g. fixture changes)

—Introduction of lifetime player registrations

—no need to fill in paper forms every season

—Electronic team sheets with player photos

—Live match scoring centre automatically published on public facing websites

—Electronic reporting of match results with league tables updated within minutes of the final whistle

—Useful team and player statistics (e.g. minutes and games played; analysis of when goals scored / conceded)

—Electronic submission of disciplinary reports and real-time updating of player’s eligibility for selection

Every club and league should now start the process of identifying

Two respective ‘COMET System Champions’.

These individuals will be the main system users and will  be provided with extensive training by the FAW. The ‘COMET System Champions’ will work closely with the FAW and will transfer information and training to other club volunteers. Clubs and leagues are free to choose their own ‘COMET System Champions’ — they do not have to be individuals who already sit on their club / league committee. Over the coming weeks and months, the FAW will provide all clubs and leagues with the necessary support and information (e.g. role of ‘COMET System Champions’, skills requirements, proposed training programme etc.) to ensure that the implementation of the new system is successful.