FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Transfer Rules


A player registered for one club must complete the transfer process should he or she wish to register for a different club in Wales.

A club intending to approach a player must give 7 days’ written notice to a player’s former club. Negotiations with a player may commence once the  7 days’ written notice has expired and must stop after 21 days have elapsed since the date the initial notice  was served.

7 Days’ notice must expire during the applicable registration period. 

A club cannot approach more than one player from the same club at the same time.  A club is also not allowed to approach another player at the same club until 21 days have elapsed since the date of the initial 7 days’ notice.

A club is not allowed to give 7 days’ notice to the same club in respect of the same player during the  same season. Except in the case of the first change to a Player’s registration in an Amateur Registration Period, no Player shall be registered with another Club within twenty eight (28) days of that Player being registered with his/her current Club.