FAW Tier two league formed in 1990
Last season 2019

Welsh Premier Cup


1.The competition shall be called The Football Association of Wales Word Cup Competition.

 2.The insurance for the trophy is to be underwritten by the League.

 3. The Football Association of Wales shall have entire control of the competition and shall have power to deal with any matter for which no provision is made.

 4.The Welsh Premier League Rules shall apply to this competition except where it is stated otherwise.

 5.The competition shall observe the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association of Wales and all matches shall be played under the Laws of the Game.

 6.Protests must be made in writing or by telephone to the Secretary and must be lodged at this office within forty eight hours of the date of playing the tie in which the protest arises. Protests must be accompanied by a fee of £50.00 which may be returned at the discretion of the FAW if the appeal is sustained.

 7. In all matches leading up to the Final the gate receipts shall be allocated to the Home Club. The Home Club shall submit to the League, within two days of the match being

played, a detailed account of receipts and expenses on the Standard League Form.

 8.The appointment of Referees and Assistant Referees shall be made by the FAW. Match Fees and expenses shall be as paid for League matches.

9. When a match has been postponed through causes over which neither Club has any control, the expenses shall be paid out of receipts for the second

match, or by the League at the discretion of the FAW.

 10.All Clubs who are currently members of the Welsh Premier League are to compete. Six clubs from the Welsh League Division 1 and six clubs from the Huws Gray Alliance shall be invited to compete annually (floodlights obligatory). An additional four Wildcard entries will also be permitted at the discretion of the Panel.

 11.The draw for all rounds prior to the Final will be regionalised and all ties will be played on a knock out basis over one leg. If the scores are level at the end

of 90 minutes, an extra time period of 15 minutes each way must be played. If the scores are still level at the end of extra time, the winner will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with International Board procedures.

12.The final tie will take place in a neutral ground, to be decided by the FAW.

13.In the final tie, if the result is a draw at the end of 90 minutes play, an extra 30 minutes shall be played. If the match is still level at the end of extra time, the winners shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with International Board decision.

14.The dates of all matches shall be decided by the FAW.

15.A player shall be considered bona-fide if he is registered by his Club, in accordance with the provision of the League's regulations. Each Club shall play its full available strength in all cup ties unless some satisfactory reason is given. In the event of the explanation not being deemed satisfactory the FAW shall have the power to impose such penalties as they think fit. No player may play for more than one competing Club each season. Any Club being found in default of this Rule may be disqualified from the competition and subject to other penalties as the FAW may deem necessary.

 16.Each Club must hand copies of a list of names of players taking part in the game, including the name(s) and number(s) of the nominated substitutes to the referee and representative of their opponents in the presence of the referee at least 45 minutes before the advertised time of kick-off(90 minutes for any live matches). The players numbers and the colours of the playing strip must be clearly stated. Any Clubs failing to comply with this rule or altering its team selection or numbering after team sheets have been exchanged will be subject to any action decided upon by the FAW. The standard League forms shall be used.

 17.For any match ordered to be replayed in consequence of breach of Rule, the Club in default shall not receive any share of the proceeds of the replayed match without the consent of the FAW and such consent shall only be given in special circumstances. If consent is not given the share shall be taken by the FAW and placed in the pool.

 18. The winning Club shall hold the Challenge Cup for one year and will be responsible for the engraving of the cup prior to its return. The Cup must be returned not later than 1st March. In addition to the Cup, the FAW shall present 20 souvenirs to the Cup winners and 20 to the runners-up; seventeen

for the players and three for the staff of each Club. The match officials for the final tie shall receive a memento in addition to their normal fee and expenses. Additional souvenirs may be presented only by consent of the FAW.

19. The competition shall be organised each season by the League. The scheme for the competition in any particular season shall be inserted as an appendix in the League Handbook